Do Not Be Anxious

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Easier said than done, right?
I am convinced that right now, we are the most anxious we have ever been but honestly we have more triggers for anxiety then ever before. Whether that is the pressure to perform, fear of failure, difficult relationships, money, school, career, the political climate, etc.

Last night I was reading to My daughter, the story where Jesus healed the gravely ill daughter of Jairus. In fact, she died... Jairus was extremely anxious for Jesus to heal his daughter and rightfully so, but when news came that his daughter had died, all hope was lost for him 😞.
Jesus said, she’s not dead, she’s only sleeping. The people laughed at Him. Jesus said that confidently because death to him was not an obstacle.

Jesus was not concerned because He controls time and the power to resurrect. As humans we operate within the constraints of time, God does not, therefore anything is achievable with God even after death.
When you abide in Him and seek Jesus who has power over all things and can intimately love you at the very same time, the thing or things you may be anxious about are not beyond redemption and even in the most hopeless of situations, you can rest in His sovereignty.

That’s the kind of peace✌️ that passes all understanding.


Matthew 6:25
Mark 5:21-43
Philippians 4:7


-Ishmael Lowery

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